Bankruptcy and Alternative Options

Bankruptcy is the most extreme solution to debt problems and in the past was often the only answer for people struggling with debts.

There are many alternatives options available these days if you would like to learn about the available alternatives to bankruptcy complete the form on this page

We will carefully review you personal situation and explore all of your options.

Bankruptcy help and alternative options are available. To find which solution would be best suited for your situation complete the form, your information will be analysed by a debt adviser who will inform you of the available options and what he considers would be the best course of action for you.

Please note that if your are faced with the prospect of bankruptcy you should look at the alternatives as soon as possible as there may be a simple solution to your present situation without declaring bankruptcy.

Debt Options And Legal Rights Explained

Government Legislation is in place to help people who are finding it difficult to meet repayments each month. Priority must be given to paying general living expenses, once these are paid any excess funds should be used to make debt repayments

A number of options are available to arrange reduced monthly payments depending on personal circumstances some of the options are listed below, these vary from reducing monthly payments, and freezing interest to reducing debt balances by up to 75% for large debts.

If you would like to know the options available and which one would be most suitable for your needs complete the form on the right of the page

Debt Management Monthly payments are reduced to an affordable level, the debt is eventually paid in full and usually the interest is frozen.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) this is a Formal Arrangement which can reduce all debts by up to 75% and freeze interest

Trust Deeds are available to Residents of Scotland only and are similar to IVA's

Debt Relief Order these are for people who cannot afford minimum payment o£50 per month



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